Kleiner Reiherstadl (small falconry mews) (23)

Kleiner Reiherstadl (small falconry mews) (23)

Münchendorfer Strasse 1

Constructed around 1700, the building’s interior contains a cross vault with eight pillars. It was originally used for keeping herons, the hunting quarry for the court falconry which was so important for Laxenburg into the 18th century. The water supply required for these wetland birds was provided by a branch of the Badener Mühlbach stream, which flowed right through. For a long time the building belonged to Kaunitz Palace, located opposite, and today is owned by the municipal government.

After extensive renovation of the mews in 2005, it was able to be handed over to the operational command centre of Hilfswerk Laxenburg (a relief organisation). The interior was completely preserved and divided up into smaller rooms and offices. To the left of the building is an old boundary stone inscribed with ‘KR’ and a crown (for the prince of Kaunitz-Riertberg).

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