Elisabeth House (19)

Johannesplatz 6

In December 1912 the order of the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross found the means to acquire the ‘Zum goldenen Stern’ inn along with its tap licence and a small garden for the price of 55,000 kronen. A restaurant was located on the ground floor of the inn; when the restaurant closed, the cooking and home economics boarding school in the provincial house, which was founded in 1913 for the purpose of educating ‘proper future housewives’, was able to relocate to this space. After being seized by the German Wehrmacht, the building was transformed into a military hospital in 1941. From 1945 to 1947 it was occupied by the Russians. After the building was released from occupation, the boarding school was able to reopen in the 1947/48 school year. The postulancy was located on the 1st floor. In 1947 a kindergarten was established in the building, as well as an orphanage, mainly for children in the custody of the Viennese government, who were relocated to the Sauer Foundation in Hinterbrühl in 1965.
In 1970 the Elisabeth House was established as a nursing home and old-age home on the site of the old inn. A nursing school was integrated into it, the first of its kind in Austria. Today the nursing/old-age home is managed by the ‘Kreuzschwestern Laxenburg Alten- und Pflegeheim GmbH’ company with 100 employees and 120 beds. On the side facing the Klosterstrasse a memorial plaque commemorates ethnologist P. Martin Gusinde, who ministered to the Sisters of Mercy as chaplain and spent the last years of his life partly in the cloister here.