Old schoolhouse (12)

Alte Volksschule

Schlossplatz 10

Was established under Maria Theresa as a new building for the Normalschule (primary school). The building housed Laxenburg’s primary school until 1971. In the past, teaching was organised by the parish priest, which is why the school was situated in the building to the left of the church, which today is the smaller community hall (see no. 13). From 1968 to 1972 the ‘Galerie Laxenburg’ was located on the ground floor, in rooms which had earlier served as the headmaster’s accommodation. These spaces were afterwards leased for use as a Raiffeisenkasse bank branch and altered/expanded at the municipal government’s expense. A fresco by Karl Heigl, a painter from the town of Wiener Neudorf, had been on the wall of the building facing the Hofstrasse since 1958 but was removed when the corner of the house was altered to create a double-arched arcade. A new Raiffeisenkasse bank branch was opened on 21 October 1974. In 1977/78 the 1st floor was altered to serve as a surgery for the town doctor, since the city of Vienna had sold the previous Doktorhaus. In 1985 a dentist’s office was also opened on the 1st floor. In order to make the surgery and dentist’s office accessible to the elderly and those with mobility issues, in 1998 a lift was installed in what used to be the schoolhouse’s coal cellar, in addition to creating extra waiting areas and an X-ray room for the dentist’s office. In 1985 the Raiffeisenkasse bank was able to move to a larger location after completion of the Herzoghof. The former bank premises were adapted for use by the pharmacy, which likewise relocated here from Stiftschen Haus, the former chemist’s house, in 1985.

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