A Word from the Mayor

Introductory remarks by the mayor
of the market town of Laxenburg,
David Berl

Dear Laxenburg residents and guests!

Throughout the centuries, Laxenburg has distinguished itself by its historical significance and thus an atmosphere of great cultural interest and value. The town itself has evolved over the decades into a modern and dynamic community. The many trans-regional awards it has received are resounding confirmation of this. A well-recognised high quality of life, the best infrastructure, great social competence and a wide variety of high-quality cultural and leisure offerings provide locals and visitors alike with all the comforts and conveniences which make this such a liveable place. The slogan ‘great tradition – best future’ perfectly encapsulates the Laxenburg lifestyle. With over a million visitors, Laxenburg Castle Park is the regional recreational paradise for all those who live in eastern Austria. Partnerships with ‘Lower Austria’s Top Destinations’, ‘The Gardens of Lower Austria’ and ‘Sisi’s Road’, as well as the ‘ICOM museum certification’ awarded to the Franzensburg Museum, all show why Laxenburg has long been defined as a category 1 tourist destination. However, Laxenburg with its rich history has much more to offer than its castle park alone.
The establishment of the Laxenburg Cultural Circuit in 1996, as part of its thousand-year anniversary, was a successful approach to designating our town’s greatest historical monuments and describing them in more detail. This served to take the cultural and historical interests of our visitors from other regions and other countries into consideration in a high-quality way.
Among other things, Laxenburg’s nomination to participate in the 2010 Lower Austria Garden Festival in partnership with Baden and Bad Vöslau provided the impetus to rework this cultural circuit and redesign it in a more contemporary way. New information panels with revised descriptions, the redesigned guide in front of you and the modernised webpages available at all invite a stroll to the 51 selected sights. Many of Laxenburg’s sites are under historic preservation status. The intended goal – to maintain the historic substance of the town and the castle park as far as possible and above all to present these in an attractive form – is often only possible with increased financial provisions. A big and heartfelt thank-you is in order here:
To the citizens of the town as well as the institutions and associations that value the maintenance and preservation of our architectural heritage as part of its unique ambience. To the municipal government, which through many significant investments in the revitalisation of municipal-owned historic structures in recent years, such as the town hall, the museum, the Kaiserbahnhof train station, the Reiherstadel falconry mews, Haus Wiener Strasse 2 and the castle square, has demonstrated the respect due to sites of historic importance. To the states of Vienna and Lower Austria, which since 1962 have made a sustaining contribution to renewing and maintaining funding for the castle park grounds, with all the spaces and structures that these contain, as part of the Laxenburg Castle operating company – Schloss Laxenburg Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. As well as to the Republic of Austria, which has supported the revitalisation and preservation of the Blue Court as well as the Grünne-Haus by providing considerable financial resources in order to offer the IIASA, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, suitable premises for science and research. In addition, the state of Lower Austria once again deserves mention as an essential support for our community in regard to maintaining the historical significance and presentation of Laxenburg as one of Lower Austria’s top destinations, for example through operation of the Laxenburg Conference Centre via a subsidiary, the purchase of Kaunitz Palace as well as its renovation and transformation into the International Anti-Corruption Academy and, as already mentioned, for enabling Laxenburg to take part in the 2010 Lower Austria Garden Festival.
I would like to thank all those who had a part in the creation and current redesign of the Laxenburg Cultural Circuit, particularly the authors of the texts – Dr. Elisabeth Springer, Mag. Barbara Hafner-Düringer and Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Mastny. I hope you have an interesting stroll on the Laxenburg Cultural Circuit, enjoy some rest and recreation in the castle park and are well entertained by the many events that our beautiful Laxenburg has to offer.

Kindest regards,
David Berl